Veeam Collection for Ansible: v12 support

  • 14 February 2023
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Support for the newly released v12 (VBR/EM/ONE) is now available in the Veeam Collection for Ansible!

What enhancements can you expect?

  • Support for Windows Server 2022
  • Full support for PostgreSQL when performing VBR/EM installs
    • Including local & remote DBs
  • A new module to apply PostgreSQL performance tuning
  • Automatic enabling of the PostgreSQL pg_stat_statements extension during PostgreSQL installation
    • This assists in performance troubleshooting
  • Additional sample v12-specific playbooks
  • Upgraded dependencies leveraging the latest ansible collections for Windows:
    • 1.13.0
    • 1.12.0


For those not familiar with this Ansible collection, please see this blog post for an introduction.

1 comment

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Awesome @Chris.Arceneaux - was waiting for you to update this.  😋

Time to get automation testing going for v12.  😎