kubectl versions, don't get out of step

  • 25 March 2023
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Hi Folks,


A new version of kasten came out 5.5.7 so I wanted to take a look. For this I decided to pull out my old desktop and use rancher desktop. I also updated my k3s version in Rancher Desktop to 1.25.7

After installing I wanted to create a token as is the method now for access if using token authentication but got and error:



This was a classic example of the kubectl binary being too far behind:

So then I tried to update it but none of the methods would work. I will admit you can get confused when you hop around operating systems and different ways of install kubeclusters. I reliased that I had also installed kubectl  on this desktop by leveraging chocolatey. So time to upgrade. 


Ok looks good:


I can now create a token:




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Very cool seeing this.  Thanks for sharing.