What you like most about Veeam cloud

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You can share most You like cloud:slight_smile:


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When you reference “Cloud” what do you mean specifically?  How it pertains to Veeam backups?  Veeam Cloud Connect?  Cloud in General?

If you clarify then I am sure everyone will have some input on this and I will give mine once I know. :smiley:

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The fact Veeam has cloud-functionality is superb! My org does not use it (yet), but Veeam offers several options for customers to utilize - Veeam w/AWS or Azure functionality; b/u to Cloud with/out immutability; ability to move data to/from/between Cloud solutions. Good stuff! :)


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@ashanpro , Veeam Cloud Connect is a fantastic solution. You can copy your backups to a trusted partner with the necessary proximity. I like it a lot.

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Yes, Veeam Cloud Connect services are great as we offer them to all our customers.  It gives them the ability to do offsite backups and also Replication for DRaaS.  We offer and turn on by default the Ransomware Protection setting for all our Tenants to for that added layer of protection.  It offers things like -

  • End-to-End Encryption
  • vCloud Integration
  • Obejct Storage
  • Web based Portal

To name a few.  Check out this site for more information - Veeam Cloud Connect for Service Providers: BaaS & DRaaS made easy