What you like most about Veeam Backup Software.

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Pls share what you like most about Veeam backup software.


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Hi @anilspp , a lot reasons compared to other backup solutions. The most important for me personal. First, backup files are portable, you are not dependent on the backup-server/database. Second, the support department is very, very good and is not situated in low wage coutries. Third, the interface is very user-friendly. Fourth, Veeam has almost for every demand or situation a backup solution. Fifth, all integrates well. And lost but not least, it is reliable, it just works!!!

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It just works 😎

These are the most impprtant reasons for me, it is easy to operateand it works reliable.

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Easy to set up. Instant Recovery is probably the most substantial feature Veeam implemented to date; close 2nd is storage integration. Though I don’t use it, b/u to Cloud is a pretty big deal to cover the ‘offsite’ piece of the “3-2-1-1-0” Rule. (yes, there are other ways, but that is for sure the future main way it’ll be done). Those are the main points for me @anilspp .


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I’ll limit myself to three points:


  1. Veeam ONE, this is a MAJOR game changer when coming from other backup solutions, what other backup solutions have such detailed insights into your environment, highlighting protection shortfalls, configuration problems and other emerging issues?
  2. SureBackup/DataLabs, the all important 0 of the 3-2-1-1-0 best practice is zero verification errors. You can automate backup testing to ensure every backup is not only bootable, but the data integrity has been validated. You can extend this with your own scripts too so it supports nearly every possible validation scenario.
  3. Veeam Cloud Connect, if I was to specify one thing I’d want to see added to the 3-2-1-1-0 it would be 1 backup outside of your management domain, to properly protect from insider threats you need backups on infrastructure you don’t manager, I don’t believe object storage qualifies here because often you’re the administrator of the tenant such as Azure/AWS/GCP, so it’s still possible to destroy all copies of data otherwise (AWS immutability can counter this partially), with Veeam Cloud Connect you just have an access username & password and a trusted service provider maintains their own environment, the odds of all your backups and the service provider’s backups all being destroyed simultaneously is greatly reduced.
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For me there are two major things. Veeam’s ability to “Simplify Smart” i.e. not dumb down the software just make it intuitive for new users while still allowing for expert deep down tweaking. This is gold for a service provider since customers don’t necessarily have time to learn software inside out and have to trust you but can feel comfortable that you don’t need a Comp Science PHD to poke around.

Then there is the feature request response. Many vendors I feel become aloof when dealing with their customers and tend to brush off feature requests. Veeam has been exceptional in hearing its customers and translating that into results. Not marketing “your call is very important to us recordings BS” but real innovations that were inspired by folks who actually use the product!!

That is why I personally feel so strongly about Veeam in a nutshell.

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Here is my list of things for Veeam -

  1. Simplicity - the ability to install Veeam and get it configured and running with backups is simple and straightforward.  Compared to other vendors where you have to search for how to configure or do something if I cannot install an application and figure things out myself then it is too complicated and would think other users would have similar issues.
  2. Cloud Connect - having this for your 3-2-1-1-0 rule is great allowing you to meet that but also having the Ramsomware Protection as well is a game changer especially with the Immutable Linux Repos now!
  3. Linux Proxy/Repo - giving us the ability to use the same backup methods as a Windows Proxy now with Linux is a game changer.  Saves you the cost of licenses for MS and works just as good.  For the repos you can use XFS with Fast Cloning which to me seems to work just as good if not better than ReFS.  Also having the Immutability feature now sets the Linux repo apart from Windows with ReFS.
  4. CDP - for those that need this type of RPO/RTO having the new CDP feature in v11 is great.  It offers another layer of protection for customers and an ability to upsell them for Cloud Connect services for MSPs.

These are my main ones but there are so many others it makes it hard to pick just a few.