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When we use Veeam Plug-in for backup Oracle DB inside Solaris OS, as RMAN do backup and restore to Veeam Server, how do we fully control backup and restore, retention policy setting for Oracle DB from Veeam Backup V11 Console? 


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you set the retention time in RMAN, not in VBR.

Additionally there is a parameter you can set in the plugin config whre you can set a number of days after them the files in der VBR repository are deleted. Set the number of days in the parameter to a higher number than your retention tume in RMAN. RMAN will not be recognized about the deletion when the number of days is less the retention tume in RMAN.

You set the parameter with this command

OracleRMANConfigTool --set-force-delete <number of days>

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So the RMAN still do backup and restore and Veeam can manage backup job of it.

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The RMAN plugin is like a device on which RMAN writes and reads its data. RMAN manages the data.

VBR repository is the storage for the RMAN data. You can setup copy jobs for the RMAN data.

But RMAN is the real manager of all this. So, the Oracle admins can backup and restore by themself without interaction from the backup admin.

The only “control" of all this by the backup admin is the set-force-delete parameter. In my environments the deletion of the files in repository after the RMAN retention time was nor reliable. after we have set the value of this parameter the deletion is reliable.

Please be aware to set the value of the parameter slightly higher than the RMAN retention, otherwise you will delete files RMAN uses and RMAN will not be notified about the deletion.

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You can use Veeam to:

  • Copy backup to an other site
  • Publish and restore data with explorer

Don’t forget to encrypt, compress and dedup at rman level

Our DBA love oracle explorer because they can publish data to other Rac Cluster and doing instant recovery :sunglasses:

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You can also create a backup copy job for Rman plugin  backup jobs in order to follow the 3 2 1 rule. However, for now Cloud Connect Backup Copy jobs are not supported.