Tape Job that deviates from Source Job

  • 28 April 2023
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Hi, ive just setup Veeam - Backup and Replication v12 and im a little stuck on how to setup my backup scenario.

What i would like to do is perform a daily weekday backup to NAS with a retention of 10 restore points (Mon to Fri, so 2 weeks) with an active full on saturday plus a full daily backup to Tape.

The data is 2tb, and i use LTO6 tapes (2.4tb).

The Nas job is setup, and works perfectly, but im struggling with the Tape part.


The problem is that the source job, having 10 restore points (and 2 active fulls), becomes too big for the tapes but can easily fit the actual data being backed up. The active full plus the daily incremental should fit, but its the 2nd Active Full that makes it too big.

Is there anywhere to set the job to backup only one chain, daily, as a full?

I may be looking at this the wrong way round, and there is a probably a better solution to this, but my thinking was that the data should fit on one tape, so why not back that up, in full, daily. This would save using pools or sets if only one tape was needed daily.

Ive taken a look at the Veeam help, and a few questions on the community forum, but cant seem to get this working.


Is there a way to do this, or am i speaking complete gibberish? ;-)


Many Thanks,





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You should achieve this with a normal tape job

Select Backups

Add the desired backup job(s)

The full backups are copied in this mediapool. The retention and other settings are made in the mediapool definition

The incremental backups are written to this pool. You can select the same mediapool for full and incremental backups.

With this your requirements should be done...