Restore VM from another veeam B&R

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Hi, we wants to make DR configuration between Veeam-VMware backup replication. 

Each two site has independent infrastructure, backup by veeam. 

And network is connected by private line. 


Our requirement is similar as DR site. 

When Site 1 gets failure, Site 2 can recover VM in Site 1. 

If network is possible and can access to same File storage(SMB),

[copy backup job] to SMB storage and recover VM on another Veeam B&R?

network storage resides in another location.






Best regards.

Jaeseong Lee


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If site 2 has access to site 1 storage then this is possible as you can import the backup files to the VBR server.

Another option would be to use VCR to replicate VMs over to site 2 for recovery as well.  You also have CDP if you are using v11 and could use this as well.

There is also storage replication as well depending on what you use for storage.

Many possibilities to recover.

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Hi @Jaeseong - yes, Veeam can do this for you. Veeam recommends having a 2nd Veeam server used solely for replication, to be placed in your DR site...Site 2 in your case, as it appears you have as shown in your diagram. Just add your vCenter infrastructure from Site 1 to your VBR server in Site 2 and create replication jobs. Depending on the link speed between your sites, you may need WAN Acceleration/Gateway servers between your Sites. Make sure to review Veeam documentation for replication: