New free Veeam T-Shirt 🤣

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For all of our members that are so keen of free T-Shirts - there is a new one… 🙄🙄🙄

Register aand- much more important - get an exclusive sneak peek on what you will see at AWS Summit EMEA 2021.
Additional get a free T- Shirt and get the chance to win a 500€ Amazon gift card.




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Respected Team, 

Please provide me the details for the below 

1)T-shirt Date 15/10/2021 Veeam Order Confirmation #34278

2)T-shirt Date 20/10/2021 Veeam Order Confirmation #34671

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@RK99 when registering for a T-Shirt, you should have received a confirmation email. This includes a support contact to which you can write and ask for a status update regarding the delivery.


Hello, I have an order for a Veeam jacket. However, this has not yet arrived. Unfortunately, I can't find any support information in the order email. Can someone help me?