How to be notified about new content at Community Hub?

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Hey Community,


I received a few messages from community members asking how to get notifications when there is a new content published (in this case we talked about “Blogs and Podcasts” category). 

I thought I would do a quick post about it. 

  1. First, there is a possibility to subscribe to every category at Community Hub
  2. Let’s say, you would like to subscribe to “Blogs and Podcasts” category. To do so, you have to push ‘SUBSCRIBE’ button at the right side as shown at the screenshot below:


  1. Once it’s done - you will start receiving notifications about new topics created!

Again, you can get subscribed to any category: whether it’s Discussion boards or News. You can also manage notification settings at your profile.

If you experience any issues with notifications - please let me know! :blush:


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this works great !!


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Glad to hear that, @eprieto:sparkles:

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It has been subscripted, you can receive the latest information immediately, thank you for your reminder and sharing

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any option to subscribe via RSS feed instead of email? Especially for the blog section.




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Hi @LDelloca - thanks for this idea, let me look into that! :blush:

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I’m happy to receive any email from veeam community, it’s always good news! 

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It is helpful for me. when I got the notification the I can see the issue. thanks for share the tips 

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Good news, thanks ! ;-)

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@Kseniya , works perfect :-) !

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Thanks for this.