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I have

2x DL360 G9 - 64Gb and 96Gb Memory - 2Tb disk
2x DL360 G7 - 112Gb Memory - 2Tb disks
1x Synology - 30Tb
1x HP Procurve 2848
1x Desktop with 10Tb just used for Backups.

Of course, I don't have everything power on all the time. Since I bough the G9, I always use only this one. Only when I need to power on my VCF, vSAN, NSXT nested lab I power on G7 because of memory.

Trying to find budged to get more memory to the G9 so I can decommission my G7 and try to sell them.


Just a correction on my Synology DS1515+ is 10Tb and not 30Tb(don't know where I get those 30)


Because you get an amazing 3:1 DRR on your NAS?  ;-)