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My current setup -

4 x Intel NUC Skull Canyon with i7 6600HQ and 64GB RAM each (256GB total)

ESXi installed on 256GB NVME drive - hosts have 1TB NVME drive also so may revert back to USB boot to get VSAN going again now having more RAM

NAS - Synology DS920+ with DX517 expansion.  Total of 55TB of usable capacity -- Using combination of NFS/iSCSI for lab

16-port gigabit switch - thinking of upgrading and getting 2.5GB due to ISP

Sager Laptop with older i7 and 16GB of RAM - Windows 10 Pro

ISP - Bell 3GB Fiber connection - modem has a 10GB port on it so will try to leverage with the 2.5GB switch possibly but also need 2.5GB USB NICs for laptops