Best practices and tips for cloud immutability configuration

  • 25 August 2023
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Hello everyone,

I kindly ask for suggestions and advice to configure immutability on Cloud Wasabi of the following scenario:

I have a Job backup "DailyVM" on local primary NAS repository scheduled daily.
I have a Wasabi Object Repository "Bucket-cloud" with 15 days immutability.
Finally, I have a Backup Copy Job "DailyVM_Cloud" with the following settings:

- repository: "Bucket-cloud"
- copy mode: periodic copy (pruning)
- retention policy: 5 RP
- schedule: On these days (Saturday)

Based on this scenario, I expect the following behavior:

first run: 1 full
second run: 1 incremental
third run: 1 incremental
fourth run: 1 incremental
fifth run: 1 incremental
sixth run: 1 incremental and merge Full + second run incremental

According to what I read from the KB " Block Generation" (, in theory the chain restore points should all have the same immutability expiration date. So in my scenario, if I create the full for example on August 6, the immutability expiration date should be August 21. According to the schedule, the fifth run will be September 3. The incremental of the fifth run and the previous increments will also have an expiration date of August 21.
Is this correct?

If so, 15 days of immutability is not enough to cover the entire retention policy period, because the fourth run on Aug. 27 and the fifth run on Sept. 3 will already be uncovered by immutability and, consequently, the entire chain.
Is this correct?

If so, I guess the days of immutability must be increased. But by how much? what if the immutability days are greater than the period given by the retention policy? if so, will the Job be able to merge the Full + incremental?

Therefore, I kindly ask you to clarify these aspects a bit by answering the questions above and showing me (possibly through a schemes and examples) what are the basic rules/best practices to follow to ensure proper configuration of data immutability on Cloud.

Thank you!


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How is the DailyVM job set up is it forever forward incremental?  This will play a role in the backup copy job and immutability period.  See the following links -

Not sure if this is the same block generation page you posted but this talks about immutability and yes it is related to Veeam agent but still applies -