VMCA2022 training review

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it will come. I don‘t have it yet like you

@JMeixner @regnor 

vouchers for our group were delivered 30 min ago :-)

I've also received it 😃

Yes, I got it, too. :sunglasses:

And the course is registered in my Veeam account.

So, all is set for the exam - except the studying…. :smile:

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Here is a brief training and certification review from me “Veeam Certified Architect: A review of the VMCA Training and Certification”.

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Great Review @Iams3le! And thanks for mentioning my post.

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Great Review @Iams3le! And thanks for mentioning my post.

You are welcome

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Interesting. I think I should retake the VMCE and VMCA courses to get the best of both worlds. 

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Congratz! Thank you!