VMCA2022 training review

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Our instructor Chris shared this link and I think you guys will benefit from this short video (refresher) too 


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I second to what @regnor said. It was packed with fun and group discussions. One of the best trainings I ever attended. 

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It was definitively one of the best courses I have taken so far. It has very much theory included but everything is useful and interesting. And as @regnor said, I got many ideas how to improve my existing environments and my future designs, too. I am sorting and reflecting all this information at the moment and I think this will take some more days… 😁😁😁

Two very productive days. 😎 Thanks again to Veeam for sponsoring this course for us.

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Great to hear you enjoyed the course and thanks for the mention.  I know when I took it back in October it was one of the best courses I have done in recent years.  Nice to see all the posts about it and everyone having positive things to say.