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Hello, Veeam Community!

For the most experienced users of Veeam products this post won’t be a big news, but this will surely be a big help for those taking their first steps with Veeam.

Often times we are asked “where do I start with my new Veeam product?” or “does Veeam offer free certification?”, and our answer is go “back to Veeam University!”

Veeam University is a FREE online training portal for all users of Veeam products and it offers a wide range of on-demand educational resources. No matter how well you know Veeam products, you will find something for yourself:

  1. Guided product onboarding pathways from A to Z for your first-time deployment 

These FREE online onboarding pathways were compiled together based on customer feedback and coupled with best practices from Veeam Technical Onboarding Managers and Solutions Architects.

They feature everything you need to know from day one of using the product, all in bite-size content, starting from your account and license admin setup, architecture and sizing, creating your first backup and restore jobs and the top data protection best practices.


Stay tuned for more of the Veeam solutions explained. And after you complete the onboarding modules, don’t forget to 

  • Answer the knowledge checks to prove your new skills 
  • Grab your FREE certificate for courses completion here 




  1. For those who already have some basic knowledge, but want to refresh on a specific Veeam function or make a certain type of restore, we recommend digesting these libraries of how-to demos:


Didn’t pass a knowledge check the first time? No worries, take your time to retake it and make sure to earn the Community badges as a reward for your progress:



To wrap up:

  • With Veeam University you get an opportunity to grow as a Veeam pro and broaden your skill set, no matter your previous experience.
  • Veeam University is FREE for everybody, and no separate registration needed: use your Veeam Community/ credentials to sign in.
  • You can obtain a FREE Veeam certification upon onboarding trainings completion (Veeam University is also an excellent prep work for VMCE/VMCA courses 😉).


Did you know?

  • If you have any questions during your Veeam experience, you can also contact to get any of your questions answered.
  • If you want to suggest other topics to build courses on, post them in this Veeam University discussion board, that will help us to continue improving this portal.

We’re hoping you enjoy the trainings and see you at Veeam University!


P.S. Here’s a nice bonus for you – the FULLEST recap of all other useful Veeam resources to stay current on Veeam technology.


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Joking aside, I have been going through all the sections, and this I believe, unless my memory is incorrect, I don’t think you can use Re-IP for Cloud Connect Replication Jobs, again may have changed but I seem to think that was the case @Madi.Cristil  can you check with the Uni Team? Thanks





Hey @Geoff Burke nice catch, thank you! 

"A tenant cannot specify Re-IP rules for VM replicas on the cloud host. At the process of the replication job configuration, if a tenant selects the Re-IP option and then selects the cloud host as a replication target, Veeam Backup & Replication will disable the Re-IP option."

The knowledge check has been updated

Thanks. hey is it not required by one of those crazy US laws (Utah act of bug submission or something) to award extra swag to all finds like this? 😎. In which case I would like to opt for the long term swag high interest rate plan.. i.e. instead of accumulating quick satisfaction socks and T-shirts, instead I go swag-less for a year and once my swag interest accumulates I can cash it in for one of those fantastic see through, glow in the dark, Veeam/Kasten paddle boards 😃 Sorry I was just at my bank yesterday where I was accosted by one of those young financial wizards speaking in “debtonian” trying to convince to take out loans for things that I don’t want. Luckily I did not have my phone with google translate so I just said no to everything with a smile.

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Completed … 

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I completed all .. how to get the University Pro one !

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I completed all .. how to get the University Pro one !

No idea, I have completed all, too. And have controlled twice that all is completed….