Need Your Feedback! Exam Prep for Success Webinar Follow-Up?

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Hello VMCE Community -

I hope you’re enjoying your summer. It’s been a great one thus far. There was a fantastic Conference in FLL a month ago with amazing announcements, and there’s been very active engagement here on the Community Hub, like the Exam Prep for Success webinar Chris Huss presented a couple week’s ago. 

Speaking of the Exam Prep for Success webinar. Chris and I would like your feedback regarding the session. Chris covered about all he wanted to, except going over how to analyze the practice questions and find the answers by looking at the Veeam User Guide and Veeam Console. Would a follow-up webinar covering this 1 topic (how to analyze questions) be something your’e interested in? If so, we’ll try and get this schedule pretty quickly so not much time has passed since the Exam Prep for Success webinar.

Please make your suggestion ‘heard’ by voting below 👇🏻

Are you in favor of a follow-up Exam Prep for Success webinar to discuss analyzing how to answer VMCE questions?


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I think this is a great idea @coolsport00 especially for 1st timers as this was one of the areas Rasmus covered on his YouTube channel as well.


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I think it is a great idea and hopefully can attend this one. 😜