10th Annual OpenSource Jobs Report with Commentary

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Hi Everyone,


The Linux Foundation has released its 10th Annual Jobs report. 

I was not shocked by the numbers since I have personally witnessed this myself this year. I get companies approaching me just because of the certifications, no care about work experience with Kubernetes. Siemens recent announcement about switching their edge to Openshift in one massive swoop is similar to the Home Depot migration that took place in North America. 

As for the job report it can be found here: https://www.linuxfoundation.org/research/the-10th-annual-open-source-jobs-report

Obviously the key for us Engineer/Tech folks is education. On December 6th I will be talking to Mumshad Mannambeth of Kodekloud precisely about this topic. Please join us if you can 



Thanks for sharing the insights Geoff.

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That was a great report for sure and seeing certification being a top thing was interesting.  I am always trying to educate myself and stop on top of certifications but lately it has become overwhelming and now I need to narrow down what to concentrate on come 2023 for renewal or new.

I will definitely be attending the session with you and Mumshad for sure on December 6th. 😎