Latest Version of Veeam Backup and Replication V12.1

Dees Latest Version (Version-12.1) of Veeam Backup and Replication supports backup and recovery of IBM Spectrum Scale GPFS file system. Please guide.


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Not that specific file system no.  If there VMs on it they can get backed up.

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Hi @Asad Raza -

Are you referring to backend storage system? Veeam doesn't state specifically Scale GPFS is supported, but does say they support Spectrum Virtualize OS v8.2+. See below:

As far as VM guest OS goes, Veeam only supports those OSs the hypervisors support, and I don't believe that one is supported by VMware. (see Guest OS support below)

Pretty sure other hypervisors don't as well (HV, NTX, etc)

The only Agent Veeam supports for IBM is AIX:

Hope this helps. 

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IBM Spectrum Scale is not officially supported by Veeam and all special functions of this parallel filesystem will not be used for a backup with Veeam.

You can do a backup of an exported Spectrum Scale share with Veeam NAS backup or with Veeam Agent.

Full support for Spectrum Scale have the IBM backup products only - as far as I know.