Does anyone have advice on a Restore from an AWS Bucket?



We are having some backups copied to an AWS bucket using Veeam Backup and Replication 11. The backups have been copying up to the bucket okay but today I was going to practice restorations and am a little confused about whether I did a restore from the internet or from the performance tier. The log said the restore was from AWS Veeam Object1 which should be the Amazon server. It seemed kind of quick. I was expecting it to take hours for a small server. It was 34 minutes. Maybe de-duplication is really good.

This was in the log:

  • Restoring Hard disk 1 (40 GB) : 30.3 GB restored at 18 MB/s  [nbd]
  • 3.9 GB downloaded from capacity tier, 9.9 GB copied from performance tier

So far I haven’t seen any documentation that specifically walks us through restoration from a bucket.

It’s possible I’m still thinking of our network speed with a 2015 frame of mind. I want to be sure I’m doing this right.













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Seems to be ok at first glance.

All blocks available on performance tier were copied from there and the blocks only available on the capacity tier were pulled from the AWS extent.

And yes the deduplication is good. This should explain the difference between the restored and downloaded amount of data.


Thank you. I was hoping to do more tests but didn’t want to be off in thinking my results were correct when they weren’t