Best practice to rotate drives.

  • 22 December 2022

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Hi all

What is the best practice to physically rotate backup drives.

I have a remote system that I will go to once a month to change or rotate the drives. 

So ejecting the drive and connecting the new drive with out effecting the backup repositry.

System is a physical Windows 10 Pro with Veeam Backup & Replication not VM.





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You can setup a special repository based on rotated drives.

Please be aware that there are some limitations as listed on the linked site above.

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Hi yes we have configured it successfully with usb ssd’s

What i’d like to find out is, how to safely eject the drive and add the replacment drive when the time comes to rotate?

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Here are my suggestions for a “best practice” approach to what you’re trying to achieve.


  • Script to auto eject media after a successful backup, you’d need to write and test this.
  • You can (or used to when I last tried) disable and re-enable the USB controller from device manager to re-attach USB storage, so this backup shouldn’t be considered an offline copy until it has been physically unplugged from the server.

Your approach to this does leave a lot of room for abuse, so I’d suggest that rotated USB isn’t actually the KISS solution you want. Why not copy to object storage with immutability?