What else is new in Veeam B&R v10 (PowerShell snapin)

  • 21 October 2020

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When creating or changing SureBackup settings using the Veeam PowerShell Snapin, not all options were provided by the Snapin. For example startup timeout could not be set by PowerShell. Fortunately this is now possible with v10-Snapin. See the picture for details:


New Option in v10 Snapin










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This is pretty cool, are you planning a blog post on how to deploy an Advanced Multi-Host virtual lab only using PowerShell? That would be awesome!

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I totally agree, this would be awesome! When I get a customer-request for that, I will do a blog post. First step will be to implement these new option in an existing script-based SureBackup environment. Maybe there will be a post for that. :thinking:

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We already covered demo code for creating an advanced virtual lab during VeeamON.  My sample code for that is here:  https://github.com/jhoughes/VeeamON2020PowerShell/blob/master/Session2/4_VirtualLabAutomation.ps1

You can get more of an explanation of it from the video of Part 2 of “Veeam Automation with PowerShell Deep-Dive: Configuration, Reporting, & Testing… Oh My!”.

If you don’t have access to the videos from VeeamOn 2020, there are links to the unlisted full-res copies which are in the README of my code repository.

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Thanks for the link, JHoughes! I will check it out when expanding scripted SureBackup by about 30 VLANs.