V100 Summit 2023 - Day 3

  • 2 November 2023

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Today kicks off with another all-star cast! @Julia F Morgado, Lyudmila, Vitaly, and Alec all on stage to talk the shared features of all Veeam Backup for Public Cloud, and individual product updates!


Shared Features

First up, we’ll see Veeam enabling us to leverage more granular permissions for service accounts, with a built-in validation check to confirm the permissions are assigned.

We’ll also see updates to the workers, with the ability to assign tags automatically to all worker nodes for their lifecycle.

The biggest announcement from this however is that we’re going to see future Veeam Backup for Public Cloud updates only become available to Veeam Backup for Public Cloud instances integrated into Veeam Backup & Replication. This will make the Veeam Backup for Public Cloud instance appear as a ‘managed server’ within VBR. The standalone Veeam Backup for Public Cloud will still exist, and all existing functionality will remain.


Veeam Backup for AWS

  • We’re going to see support for DynamoDB added to VBfAWS in the next release. A key point to highlight here is that the data will be stored within AWS Backup Vaults. You can perform full table restores as well which is great to see! This will support backup, backup copies, and archiving. Julia makes the great reminder that archiving requires a 90 day retention, you can set a shorter retention, but you’re paying for 90 days retention anyway!
  • RDS Backup to S3 support is coming too! This will be only for PostgreSQL!
    • You can perform backups to ‘normal’ S3, and you can set an archive backup repository too
    • Whereas snapshots have required the entire instance to be restored as a whole, if you leverage backups you can perform a per-database restore
  • Also improved is a guided UI interface for private deployment mode, to help customers to transition to a ‘no public IP’ mode.


Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure

  • Virtual Network Support is coming!!!
    • Backup & Restore virtual network configuration data, you define a single policy to protect all virtual networks within a subscription, and multiple subscriptions are supported
    • You can restore this granularly to the original or a new location, and there’s comparison with production features too
    • This feature is FREE!!! You only require integration with VBR for this to work.
    • The data is stored within the Veeam Backup configuration database, meaning to take an external copy you require the VBR configuration database backups to be configured.
    • Retention options exist for data collection frequency and actual retention!
  • Storage Queues will be the new messaging service!
    • No need for Service Bus Premium if you want to leverage VBfMA in a private network!
    • You can switch between this and Service Bus currently, but Service Bus WILL be deprecated in the future, and all new deployments will be Storage Queues by default.
    • Different permissions are required, so be sure to validate permissions before transitioning to this mode, and then also be sure to run a permission check after migrating, this is available in the UI.
  • Other features:
    • FLR to original location / 1 Click FLR for Windows VMs
    • VMs using SSD v2 & Ultra Disks now supported for backup & restore
  • I also took the opportunity to ask if there are any planned changes to Azure Files to enable backups via VBfMA, the planned process is to utilise unstructured data within VBR.

Veeam Backup for Google Cloud Platform

  • New database workload support coming, Cloud Spanner!
    • This requires VBR integration
    • Flexible and granular support, such as to restore Dev to Production with different replica parameters
  • FLR to original location / 1 Click FLR for Windows & Linux VMs
  • Worker nodes can now be Shielded VMs, this means they have secure boot + vTPM support
  • It was also mentioned that SQL Backup works without a public IP, but there’s no ‘visible’ changes on this.


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This will be the only announcement from today as afterwards we go into a [REDACTED] session! Want to find out more about this? Join the Veeam 100! 🥳

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Great recap again Michael!