Updated: Veeam Service Provider Console Storage Usage Report

  • 26 December 2023

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I’m happy to announce that the storage report script, by @Jim Jones, has been updated for Veeam Service Provider Console v8 and is now available on VeeamHub.

This script will return usage and metadata for all backup repositories for the specified VSPC server. It will also provide the name and UID of the provider/reseller/company to whom the repository belongs.

Be on the lookout for the BackupSizeGB metric which was added in Veeam Service Provider Console v8. This metric is the total size of all restore points and is a useful chargeback metric for service providers.

On top of that, this report could be used by operations to see the current status of all backup repositories in their environment.

For more detailed information, please follow the VeeamHub link.



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Nice to this report updated for V8. Was looking at it with v7 and it worked nicely. Will have to test this one out.  Thanks for updating it @Chris.Arceneaux 

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Thanks for this update, @Chris.Arceneaux !

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Great job guys!