New & Improved: Veeam Usage Report for VMware Cloud Director

  • 22 December 2023

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This collection of PowerShell scripts can be used to retrieve Veeam backup usage for VMware Cloud Director (VCD) backup jobs and is now available on VeeamHub! Below is a brief description of its functionality. For more detailed information, please follow the VeeamHub link.

In this collection, you’ll find 3 scripts:

  1. Sync-VcdOrganizationMapping.ps1: Automated mapping of a VCD Organization Veeam Service Provider Console (VSPC) Company
  2. Set-HostedVbrJobAssignment.ps1: Assigns VCD backup jobs to a VSPC Company
  3. Get-VspcHostedUsage.ps1: Generates usage report

In the usage report, the following is provided for each VSPC Company:

  • Total number of protected VMs in backups
  • Total number of licensed VMs in backups
    • Licensed matches Veeam rental licensing policy which is workloads protected within the current calendar month
  • Total amount of space used in backups
  • (Optional) Detailed usage at the VM-level

NOTE: This collection uses functionality added in Veeam Backup & Replication v12.1 and Veeam Service Provider Console v8.


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This is very cool Chris as we are starting to get in to VSPC more and more now for things.   I will take a look at these once we upgrade in the new year to 12.1 and VSPC v8.  Thanks for sharing with the community.

Hi Chris,

 The new version “VSPC-HostedUsage scripts” requires the use of the Veeam Service Provider Console, which is not needed in my environment(I only have Veeam Backup backing up VMware Cloud Director VMs, with Enterprise Manager for the Selft Service). Additionally, it requires my Veeam Server to be in Cloud Connect mode. What options do we have for those of us who only need a simple report with the Tenant, Backed-up Servers, and Used Space? One of the many consoles should already provide this information without without complexity