Unlock Your Networking Potential at Virtual VeeamON!

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Hello Veeam Community ,

Get ready to turn every connection into an opportunity! At Virtual VeeamON, networking transcends traditional boundaries. Here's how you can make the most of your experience:

  • Make Yourself Visible: Adjust your CVENT privacy settings to 'Visible' to open doors to new connections effortlessly.
  • Access All Attendees: The entire attendee list is just a click away in CVENT. Search for experts in your field or companies you admire, and start conversations instantly.
  • Engage in the Veeam Community: This is your platform to shine! Share your expectations and insights in Content Connect hub. By making yourself known, you'll tap into our professional community—a perfect place to exchange ideas and kickstart discussions.

Let's make Virtual VeeamON a pivotal step in expanding your network!

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Thanks for sharing these options, @Daria_K ! 🙏🏻