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Hi Folks,


CNDM day at the Grammy museum was excellent yesterday. It was a real shock at first to be with so many people at an event but slowly but surely one got used to it. The panel discussions were lively and I am still processing everything. Later there was the roof top party which was another first in a long time. Today the main conference starts and I suspect it will be busy. I have my presentation towards the end of the day which will be challenge since I am still on Toronto time and I am up at 3:00 AM. Luckily plenty of free coffee! 


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Best of luck today and I am going to try to catch those. 😀

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You will rock the house @Geoff Burke ! What are your presentations are about? … if you already talked about here, excuse me ...

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I think it was December last year that I had my first ‘gathering’ of large people, our church opened with 10% capacity (on a 2000 person space). That was a good way to ease into it. Then I had a number of other things progressively getting me back at crowds, it is a unique feeling. I’ve not had anything like that in my life as far as I know. 


I was at the HIMSS event in August, around 20K people, so that was a big adjustment!


Glad to hear this though, Geoff!