Veeam on VMware Cloud on AWS -> vCenter / Host Permissions

  • 21 September 2021

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I have problems, restoreing VMs from s3 to vmware cloud on aws. I get a permission denied error.

s3 and vCenter is added probably in veeam b&r thats insalled on VMC too. I can see my backups in Veeam B&R in VMware Cloud on AWS. I also can see the virtual machines in VMware Cloud on AWS. 

But I cannot give crendentials to the vSphere hosts, because it is not allowed in VMC. I guess that is the reason for my problem? What can I do, to use Veeam in VMC to backup and restore my VMs?



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I got it. I added the vCenter by IP due to dns issues we had earlier. 

Now I added the vCenter by FQDN. Now I can perform a restore.

“When adding a vCenter server, specify the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) that ends with or (depending on the URL shown in the VMWONAWS interface for the vCenter)”

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OK, I just thought this could be a name resolution issue before reading your update.

Fine that you were able to solve this. :sunglasses::thumbsup_tone3: