Veeam Availability Suite v12 Launch Event!

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This suddenly appeared!

14th February, 4pm CET - Duration: 1 Hour

Why should you attend? I’ve grabbed some key bits from the website:


Latest product release news

for Veeam Backup & Replication, Veeam ONE and Veeam Recovery Orchestrator, as well as new releases for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud for your hybrid environment




Event kickoff

Kick off 2023 with modern data protection from V12. Hear the introduction of our latest release as we share more about what you can expect from Veeam this year.

NEW V12 deep dive

Veeam experts will walk through the new features and capabilities of V12. From security to cloud to enterprise‑grade management, we will cover it all.

Customer testimonials

Hear directly from our enterprise customers and partners about their data protection strategies and how they are using Veeam to drive success.

Special announcement

Tune in and hear about an exciting new way Veeam will help customers with ransomware recovery.

See V12 in action

Join our tech experts for demos of the most anticipated V12 capabilities - including direct to object storage backups and new immutability functionality.



I don’t want to copy/paste the website verbatim, so check it out, get registered, and get ready for v12!


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I registered, we all are waiting for this event and the new features in V12


Thanks @MicoolPaul  for sharing

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Just registered as well. Thank you for sharing

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Would love to attend virtually but the privacy policy almost guarantees spam for registering.

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Ah February 14th.. that is Valentines day!.. Veeam are pushing it there 😀! Or could it be that they think System Engineers/Administrators are not loved 🤣 I mean this could be a relationship killer. “Sorry  I know we had candle light dinner plans but.. VEEAM Availability Suite v12 event launch is on!” 😍

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Already registered and waiting.  Hoping for RTM at end of January.

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Just registered. See you there :) 

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Thanks @MicoolPaul 

Looking forward to this

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Will attend !

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Registered now !

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I’m in!

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Waiting for v12!! ⏱

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Would love to attend virtually but the privacy policy almost guarantees spam for registering.

@Jasonarrow As long as you don't tick the box at the bottom to receive more information, you won't get much more emails from Veeam. And even if you do, there aren't much mailings.

By the way, it's the same privacy policy you have to accept for everything else at Veeam. Probably you already accepted it to register for a Veeam account.

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Thx for sharing @MicoolPaul , already registered.