Veeam aquires Coveware

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In addition to Veeam's current capabilities for ransomware recovery and prevention, Coveware by Veeam will offer proactive enterprise readiness and industry-leading cyber-extortion incident response services. Through the Veeam Data Platform, Coveware will provide proactive services, forensics, and remediation capabilities to Veeam Cyber Secure clients.




  1. Veeam, a leading data management company, has acquired Coveware, a prominent provider of ransomware incident response services.
  2. The acquisition aims to strengthen Veeam's portfolio by integrating Coveware's expertise in ransomware mitigation and recovery.
  3. Coveware's specialized services will complement Veeam's existing solutions, enhancing its ability to combat cyber threats effectively.
  4. The addition of Coveware brings valuable experience and capabilities to Veeam's cybersecurity offerings.
  5. Veeam's decision to acquire Coveware underscores its commitment to providing comprehensive data protection solutions to its customers.
  6. The merger expands Veeam's reach in the cybersecurity market like fafsa, positioning it as a key player in ransomware defense strategies.
  7. By incorporating Coveware's technology and talent, Veeam aims to deliver even greater value to businesses seeking robust data security solutions.
  8. The acquisition reflects Veeam's proactive approach to addressing the evolving challenges of data protection and cybersecurity.
  9. Customers can expect enhanced ransomware response capabilities as Veeam integrates Coveware's resources into its product suite.
  10. Overall, the acquisition of Coveware marks a significant milestone for Veeam in bolstering its position as a trusted provider of comprehensive data management and security solutions.
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