Update attatched object storage

  • 23 September 2021

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is there a smart way to update attached s3 object storages. Not used in sobr(!). 

I am useing capa offloading to s3 on aws. in our Prodution environment (B&R Local). Thats working fine. I also attached the s3 on another Veeam B&R in VMC on AWS. I can see all backups once I attached the object storage in the repository view. Thats fine. I can do restores direct from s3 in vmc on aws. thats fine too. But ...

I only do backup and offloading from B&R Local. Veeam B&R in VMC on AWS is only for restore purposes in our desaster environment. 

Unforunatly the attached s3 will not be update once B&R Local completet a new backup an offload. I can not rescan the object storage repository. The only way is to detach and do an import again. Thats working, its ok, but a more smart way to do a rescan during attatched s3 would be great. Thank you.


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