Restore VM to Proxmox VE

  • 23 November 2022

I am currently using Veeam Essentials
Our HCI is Nutanix and we have roughly about 28 VM’s on it

We are currently evaluating Proxmox VE

How can i restore full Backups of my critical VM’s to the Proxmox VE?



Best answer by Mildur 23 November 2022, 12:42

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Use Veeam Agents to backup your Nutanix VMs.

Then create an empty VM in Proxmox and use the recovery media to do a bare metal restore.

Windows should work without big problems. Linux VMs can work too but sometimes they have issues in such restores.


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As @Mildur said, in your case you need to use Veeam Agents. Veeam Backup & Replication doesn’t interact directly with the Proxmox hypervisor.

Only VMmware vShere, Microsoft Hyperv and Nutanix Acropolis are compatible nowadays.

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I would just say up front that I may be somewhat of a VMware snob and don’t have any Proxmox experience, but I would not be using Proxmox in a business environment.  I don’t believe that it’s a mature enough product for mission critical workloads.  Honestly, as much as a dislike Hyper-V, I’d probably be looking at a well-built Hyper-V cluster before Proxmox, but VMware would easily by my top choice.  If you’re fine with being an early adopter, then perhaps Proxmox is an okay choice, but I would prefer more well-baked applications.

As for you question, as noted above, Veeam does not have integrations with Proxmox, so you’d be looking at agent backups and “bare-metal” restores.