Rename Copy Job to cloud

I created a test Backup Copy Job for a test to a new cloud provider, naming the job “provider test”.  Now I am switching to that provide and even with a new Copy Job the Server is appearing under the test job name.

How can I rename job listed under Backups/Cloud to the new Copy job name?


Best answer by Stabz 29 July 2022, 17:24

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Hi, haven’t been at a service provider for a while now. But I’d suspect one of three things here:


  1. The old backups just haven’t been deleted from the provider hence you’re seeing the old job name in Backups > Cloud. as you can have multiple BCJs you could end up with your new job sat alongside your old/temp job backups.
  2. You’ve renamed the job instead of creating a new one
  3. The provider has been registered to your VBR with a name such as “Provider Test”, you can rename this under the backup infrastructure section.



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I'm not sure but maybe this kb could give you some advice