Overlapping space efficiencies with Veeam and Pure Storage FlashArray//C

  • 22 April 2021
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Can any one speak to Pure FlashArray//C Dedupe/Compression in combination with Veeam space efficiencies? Can Pure still get 3:1 after Veeam does its thing? I’m getting mixed messages on this. Thanks in advance!


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Hi, it’s a good question and there’s a few caveats that’ll dictate what you get out of this. But at a high level, no, not really.


Firstly, if you encrypt your data, Pure isn’t going to be deduplicating that easily, so that’s gonna impact any compression/deduplication ratios they offer.


If you don’t encrypt your backups or the file system with something such as Bitlocker, you’ll be able to benefit from SOME space savings above and beyond what Veeam offer.


The primary benefit you’ll get is deduplication of multiple backup jobs. Veeam will create VBKs either per VM or per job depending on your repository settings. Pure however can see the duplicated data between these backup jobs and deduplicate further, however this won’t be anywhere near the 3:1 thanks to Veeam already compressing and deduplicating the data per job/VM anyway.


If you do try it then please share the results it would be good to see!