NetApp ONTAP Cluster Node Reboots Unexpectedly

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This is a heads up with anyone using NetApp ONTAP versions 9.14.1, 9.14.1P1, 9.14.1P2, 9.14.1P4 with Veeam Backup and Replication. It is recommended to upgrade to ONTAP 9.14.1P5. This was reported in the Veeam Forums - the bug does not specifically call out Veeam but it can occur during storage snapshots. Please see bug report for additional details - I pasted a screen shot below. 

This can also occur on OEM versions of ONTAP running on Lenovo ThinkServer DM/DG storage systems😀.

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@Madi.Cristil @safiya -- can we convert this to a discussion post instead of a question as it is more informational than asking for help.