Is Veeam Right for me?

  • 29 August 2023

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I am not an MSP, but I take care of multiple companies. I would like to backup and see the status of about 40 PCs across about 6 companies.  I have been working to setup VSPC and as I get deeper, it seems like I will need about 3 VMs running Windows Server (and not slow PCs either).  I have a server setup in Azure, but at this point it seems like it is going to cost me a couple hundred dollars a month in VMs plus licensing.  Am I missing something here?  Am I doing something wrong, or is this more outlay than it is worth for my user base?  Are there any other recommendations that I am overlooking for someone my size? Just looking for helping guidance for managed backups that I can check on from my office.


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Hey! If you’re looking to do it “properly” which of course scales much better should you ever need it, then yep that seems about right. I would suggest white labelling another Veeam Cloud Connect Service instead and then you can manage your sub tenants, you can centrally manage licensing for them too and effectively just resell a rental license to your customers.


See who’s available here:

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Hi Tom, you can find some info about VCC architecture here:


I don’t know if you can install all services (VCC + CGW + VSPC) on a single host, in any case definitely not a best practice.

The other option, as Michael said, is that you lean on some other Veeam Cloud Service Provider and get listed as a reseller, leveraging its infrastructure to resell Veeam services to your customers:



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So, I have all running on one box right now as it’s really just been used for monitoring and some light management (more so as newer versions add additional features) although I’m starting to venture into using it for VCC backups (all direct to object right now) as well. 

With that said, I designed my configuration with the intent that it could scale out at some point if required.  I think @MicoolPaul is probably correct though….if you’re not really using it as a VCC and want it cloud-hosted, it might be a good idea to sign up as a reseller and utilize someone else’s console/VCC infrastructure as the console does have the capabilities to host resellers in between the console and the end users.

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Thank y’all for the input.  I am taking it all under consideration and I have reached out to a few partners as well.