Full Backup Tape fatal error

Has anyone got an error about a Tape Library backup job:

tr:Error code: 0x0000045d
--tr:TapeFileWriteStream failed to write 2097152 bytes

Cannot append file block to the end of file. File: [\\.\Tape0, pos: 3, blockOffset: 1024, size: 27401388032]. Write position: [1260388352].
[15.06.2023 15:50:46] <35> Error          --tr:Unable to asynchronously write data block. Block identity: [Data block. Start offset: [1260388352], Length: [2097152], Area ID: [601].].
[15.06.2023 15:50:46] <35> Error          --tr:Processing of asynchronous write requests has failed. Output file: [\\.\Tape0, pos: 3, blockOffset: 1024, size: 27401388032].



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Based on this error it seems like it could be a bad tape possibly?  I would check the logs for the job here - C:\ProgramData\Veeam\Backup and then the subfolder for the tape job.  Hard to say but might also be best to open a case and post in the forums too -


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Has this worked initially or do you have this error since the beginning? Could be hardware related or maybe a driver/firmware issue. I would suggest that you check if everything is up to date and that there are no errors in the library itself.