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  • 14 January 2023
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We’re using Veeam as a backup to Office365.  Our old-school owner wants to backup on-prem and periodically take a snapshot of the DB and bring it home.  We also are a small shop and don’t have a dedicated NAS.  What we do have is a compact i7 with plenty of RAM and a USB 3.0 port.

We put a 1T PNY flash drive on it and it worked for about a month.  Then we started getting JetDB errors.  We put in a ticket and have been going back-and-forth with support (they have been responding nicely and it’s appreciated.)

We’ve tried several solutions, seemed to be making progress but after the last iteration, they think it’s the drive.  I asked for a recommendation for a good set of specs but they couldn’t give me one.

Is anyone out there using a Flash drive as their primary repo store?  If so, can you tell me what brand/model you’re using?


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Hi @KCL, to make sure I’ve understood this right, you’re using VB365 with your backup repository configured as a removable 1TB flash drive?


If so, here’s your problems:


  • Your removable storage is likely not flushing all of the data to disk, hence your jetDB errors, you should ensure write caching is disabled on the storage
  • PNY isn’t a brand that handles “enterprise grade” storage, so the flash is likely to be lower endurance, so I’d exercise caution using this.
  • The JetDB is expected to be available, removing it at any point is a recipe for trouble.

If you want to persist with an on-prem backup solution, I’d run VB365 as a VM, including using a virtual disk for the backup repository, then I’d backup that VM with VBR, copying the backup to disk this way.


Fundamentally your storage isn’t suitable for business, and I’d suggest taking a step back from this. If you’re a small shop that can’t invest the CapEx in a suitable on-prem solution, why not use object storage to a cloud storage provider such as wasabi?