Customize SureBackup Column in Report

  • 24 February 2022

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I achieve a functional configuration for SureBackup custom scripts, already created some of them. But I saw that the only result of the scripts that is presented is a true/false output, that is translated to passed/failed on the report of SureBackup.


I like to customize this result, write some custom words on the result instead of only passes/failed. Is there some way to do it? On the .xml configured for the Role I did not found any TAG related to it.


Thank you in advance.


Best answer by vNote42 24 February 2022, 17:05

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What Report do you mean? Could you share a screenshot?

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Thanks for the quick response.




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From what I know you cannot customize this report but let me take a look to see what I can find if anything.

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I don’t know a way to customize this report too. I normally use PowerShell to create the report that fits for the customer … especially for SureBackup

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Thank you.

I created a script that export the web page of the restored VM to a PDF, and send via email(powershell script) the link to access this PDF. But in this configuration I am sending an email to each VM verified, and I wanted to put this link directly on the report send by veeam.