Change IP for Repository?

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I foolishly used an IP address for a ‘temporary test system’ which became a permanent fixture.
A change of network schema means the repository is now on a new address.

It does not appear to be possible to change the IP address in VEEAM (I should have used a fqdn). 

I could start again with new backups - but is there a method to resume backups to the same repository after re-defining it? 

All advice welcomed.

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Best answer by MicoolPaul 4 August 2022, 19:35

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Be sure to disable your backup job before doing the below.


Yes as you’re using SMB you don’t need to worry about fast clone, add the repository again but as an FQDN to save future pains, then once you’ve done that, the repository will be rescanned and the backups found.


Now edit your backup job, and where you choose your repository, change this to the new one, and then select the (easily missable) blue text that says “Map Backup”. Choose the backup job that is has matched. Then once all matched and backup job okay, remove your invalid IP address backup repository from your Veeam configuration to save confusion.


Full details on this link:


EDIT: Don’t forget to enable your backup job again for scheduling!!!

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one thousand thank yous, trying now

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Created new repository. Scanned and found 10 jobs.

When “Mapping Backup” - unable to find any jobs

I will read the link to see if there is any more info. Thanks again


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You’ve got 8 encrypted backup jobs, so you need to go to the Home Screen, look at your backup section and find “Backups Encrypted” and supply the password, that’s why it can’t import them 🙂

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Based on this.

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Wow, what is that all about? I mean, I understand it is encrypted and needs a password to read it but the job I am adding it to already has the password stored.

Even when I got there - it didn’t look like the right thing to do. I’m left feeling really isolated from this product.

A million thanks for pointing me in the right direction, how do you know this stuff?? 

All working now. All due to MicoolPaul.

Thanks again

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Happy to help 🙂 thanks for marking one of my comments as the answer, steers the next person that comes across this. I’ve been working with Veeam about 10 years, so I’ve been in your shoes wondering what to do 😆 and you’re right, you’ve already got the password saved, seems strange that Veeam doesn’t try any stored passwords to automatically decrypt 🤷‍♂️

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Yes, you can say in this case Veeam could decrypt these backup automatically.

But I think this is done in this way to protect encrypted backups. You have to provide the correct password in any case when importing backups.

At least you can say these backups have left their original location and were imported somewhere else….

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Thanks @MicoolPaul … your knowledge is, once again, invaluable!