Backup Checkpoint not deleting (Hyper-V Server)

  • 29 December 2020

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Hello All,

I have a VM on standalone Hyper-v 2019 with a backup checkpoint that I can not delete.
The checkpoint was created by veeam during backup.
There is no opting in the GUI to manually delete the checkpoint.
I ran the backup again and it was succesfull however it did not delete the checkpoint.
What can I do? the checkpoint is growing quite rapidlly.

Version: Veeam Backup 10a 
Build: P20201202



Best answer by MicoolPaul 29 December 2020, 09:53

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Is this a replica or the production VM?

If it is production then you seem to be having an inconsistent issue of Veeam being unable to delete checkpoints as you have 5 there. This issue appears to be intermittent as the dates don’t indicate a predictable continuous increase such as daily or weekly.

Are you using on or off host proxy processing for Hyper-V?


I’d suggest the following next steps:


Step One: Check your Veeam logs for each date listed within the screenshot, those are the job runs that failed to tidy themselves up so the logs should indicate some form of access error or file lock, so we can prevent reoccurance.

Step Two: If the access error or file lock appears to have nothing to do with why you can’t delete the checkpoints then I would attempt their removal via PowerShell. At best it will resolve it and combined with the above the problem is resolved, at worst it gives you an actual error as to why they can’t be deleted (which will help with step one if you can’t find the root cause).

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@Eddie Kwok how’s this going?

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This is the solution that should be done first before any other solution. Just remove the lingerging backup checkpoint like you would a normal one via PowerShell (attention: check that you have a minimum of free space for the merge to be done without problems):

Get-VMSnapshot -ComputerName "MyHyperVHost" -VMName "VMWithLingeringBackupCheckpoint" | Remove-VMSnapshot

Just for the record: This command deletes all checkpoints

Further reading on the subject:

Sensacional sua dica, funcionou perfeitamente, muito obrigado pela ajuda!