Restore Oracle Database - Sequence contains more than one matching element

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Recently I needed to restore a SAP Oracle Database and I received this error below:


After open a ticket with Veeam support I discover that this error has relation with SAP Oracle Databases specifically. The solution was a fix on Veeam Explorer for Oracle. After applying it my restore ran successfully.

However, it doesn't have a public KB about this error and only support Veeam has access for this fix.

So, if any of you get this kind of error, I recommend open a ticket with Veeam to solve your problem as soon as possible.


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Thanks for sharing this @wolff.mateus!

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Thanks for sharing and the heads up.



I had the same issue which was also solved with veeam support.
We had a issue because we updated the database (12->19) and the old one had not been uninstalled.

Veeam was lost because there were 2 databases left, one of which was closed.

After uninstalling the old database and applying the veeam fix, the restore is working properly.