CVE-2021-36934 "HiveNightmare" Serious SAM - Windows 10/11 Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability

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Hi all,

a new 0Day vulnerability for Windows 10 clients has been released, the article also recommends deleting all the vss restore points and recreating them

Security Update Guide - Loading - Microsoft

Check Windows 10 for SeriousSAM and HiveNightmare Vulnerability Fix - Virtualization Howto

commad check : icacls c:\windows\system32\config\sam


Restrict access to the contents of %windir%\system32\config

Command Prompt (Run as administrator): icacls %windir%\system32\config\*.* /inheritance:e

Windows PowerShell (Run as administrator): icacls $env:windir\system32\config\*.* /inheritance:e

Delete Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) shadow copies

  1. Delete any System Restore points and Shadow volumes that existed prior to restricting access to %windir%\system32\config.
  2. Create a new System Restore point (if desired).

Impact of workaround Deleting shadow copies could impact restore operations, including the ability to restore data with third-party backup applications. For more information on how to delete shadow copies, see KB5005357- Delete Volume Shadow Copies.

Note You must restrict access and delete shadow copies to prevent exploitation of this vulnerability.

KB5005357- Eliminare copie shadow del volume (

To mitigate this type of bug it is possible to use a GPO to distribute the workaround on the whole in Forest \ Domain



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I have a guide that will help elucify and mitigate this issue: 

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Great posts and thanks for sharing.

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@Link State : Thanks for informing and sharing !