Blogs and podcasts: Housekeeping rules

  • 23 October 2020

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Hi Veeam Community!

Here are a few housekeeping rules to keep this space friendly, interactive and useful:

  1. All content is in English only
  2. Personal information, which is not suitable for public viewing, cannot be published – e.g. address or phone number
  3. Podcasts and YouTube streams should be embedded through the ‘Embed media’ functionality. Here’s an example.
  4. Don’t just post a sentence with a hyperlink. Such posts will be hidden. We ask that you don’t just post a link to a blog or article, since most community members prefer to stay here and have discussions.
  5. Users may not post any offensive materials, share illegal or copyrighted content, attempt to distribute illegal substances, or distribute viruses or other material.
  6. Users may not use this place for (commercial) activities such as the advertising or sale of products or services, the offering of (interactive) games or the advertising of other communities or websites.
  7. The Veeam Community Team reserves the right to remove content or restrict access to individual users, should it be necessary. You cannot discuss any moderation actions in public. If you want to discuss an action taken, then please contact a community manager via private message.

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