Two Physical Linux Servers added to inventory will not coexist

  • 25 January 2024

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I’m trying to add two Physical Computers (Linux 20.04) into inventory to backup.

Both are in the same protection group.

When adding the servers and clicking “Test Now” the test is successful.

After applying the Protection Group changes, I briefly see both servers, then one always disappears.

It seems random as to which server remains. I see different fingerprints for each server.

I’ve tried using separate protection groups, but the issue is the same. 

I initially added the computers as part of a backup job creation, but when adding the second server and job, the job always failed. 

We have uninstalled the agent from both servers, and repeated the process, always with the same result.

Veeam Enterprise Plus 11

All the other backed up servers are VM’s.

Any suggestions?



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Are these servers cloned by any chance? I had an identical problem with some AIX servers due to cloned disks that retained the same GUID.


Next step will be grabbing the logs on the server that has disappeared and see what it is reporting there. Key things to look out for are invalid certificate as once the agent is deployed it communicates with a certificate. If the servers are seen as clones of each other then VBR will be issuing a new certificate for the GUID that supersedes the previous one, and you’ll see certificate failures at that point.

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The servers existed before me (well before I started in this org), and they do run similar workloads and are identical hardware models, so certainly possible that they were cloned.

I’ll did up the logs- thank you for the suggestion.

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If the logs indicate what I’m suggesting the problem is, then it’s not the end of the world, it’s possible to overwrite the UUID 🙂

If you have a valid support contract I would work with them on the issue but otherwise let us know and we can do best efforts to help here

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Weird..never seen/heard anyone having this problem with Agents before. As Michael suggests, I think this may be a case for Support. Log exporting can be done via Agent UI or cmd line. Reference the Guide here on how to do so. The logs should be in /var/log/VeeamBackup as per here.

Curious to here what Support says the issue is caused by.

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@ Michael, I think you nailed it. The UUID’s are the same on both machines. We have a valid support contract, so will be getting this logged. 

Thank you.

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Awesome, knowing the problem is halfway to fixing it. Definitely engage with support then, and if you’re desperate for a quick fix, I wrote up what I did with AIX agent to fix this (guidance from Veeam support so it’s a supported workaround). Have a read of 

and give it a go on Linux. I don’t know if it will work as there are of course differences between the agents, but could be the resolution.

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Just about to head into a long weekend, but I’ll have a look and let you know if we give this a try next week - it looks very doable.


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We followed the AIX guide, and just substituted some of the AIX commands for Linux equivalents (below).

I rescanned the hosts, and up and working.

Thank you so much for your help on this. 

sudo echo "{$(uuidgen)}" > /etc/veeamagentidsudo systemctl stop veeamservicesudo mv /var/lib/veeam/veeam_db.sqlite /var/lib/veeam/veeam_db.sqlite.baksudo vi /etc/veeam/veeam.inisudo systemctl start veeamservice



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Glad to see you got it sorted in the end and the solution was similar 🙂