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I was thinking of using a bare metal restore into a VM and have actually made it work, but what I wasnt able to do successfully was resize/shrink the disks in the process. The physical server has lots of wasted space which I would like to avoid in the VM. Is it possible to accomplish a “disk shrink” using a bare metal restore?


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Hi, which hypervisor are you using? VMware vSphere? Hyper-V?

It’s certainly possible but the guidance will vary 😊


You wouldn’t do it during the P2V but afterwards. Otherwise provided you’ve got VBR installed you could perform the restore via VBR which will let you define disk types at the point of recovery.


If you’re going to P2V a server via BMR be sure to set your disk to thin provisioned if you’re aiming to make space savings.

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Another tool outside of Veeam if you are using VMware as your hypervisor would be the VMware Converter which will allow resizing of disks during the conversion process.

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Im using VMware as the hypervisor and trying both Veeam the vCenter Converter. The physical server sits in the DMZ so it was easier for me to used Veeam BMR than have the networking team open ports to use vCenter converter, but converter will be my next POC.

Thanks for the replies!