Backup destination 3 solutions - NAS SSH same network, VLAN NAS SMB or INTERNET ACL SSH

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Hi All,

I have 3 destinations for my backup and it’s all in the same network. 

I would like to secure my last copy of my backup. 

I have multiple possibility.

Second internet connection and qnap sync with ACL

Qnap backup SSH

VLAN and Qnap backup ssh

What do you prefed and for why ?

I have 200Mpbs for the second internet connection and my second vlan is on the other building with 100 mbps mpls.

I would like to have a backup outside of my first building.

Thanks you


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I would never recommend using tools such as QNAP Sync for copies of your data as it’s not Veeam aware therefore you can’t validate the integrity of that data. For a scenario such as this there are a few options, as you’ve mentioned a QNAP I’m assuming you want to reuse an existing QNAP instead of spend money on an alternative option but you could consider a Veeam Cloud Connect Service Provider or Cloud Object storage with immutability. The important thing here when talking about protecting your data is that you need to consider the worst, if your entire environment was compromised, you want zero trust between the sites so a compromise of one doesn’t have consequence to the other.


Now back to your QNAP scenario! I’d recommend looking at Cloud Connect for Enterprise. You can use this over the internet or MPLS as applicable, The two sites don’t require any trust of each other so you can use separate AD forests for example between them. Finally you can use extremely strict firewall rules to secure access further.

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It is possible to create an immutable S3 storage on prem on Windows & linux server. Minio free open source


KB3238: HCL - MinIO with Immutability (

Veeam: How-to Deploy, and Configure MinIO with Erasure Coding Enabled, Immutability, and Let's Encrypt - The Blog of Jorge de la Cruz


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One topic more to play around with… :grin: