Veeam and Tape III - Restore of Backup Job Files from Tape which were backed up with a File-to-Tape Job

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I constantly use this method for archiving backup jobs to tape. 


When I delete a VM, I’ll often create a final VeeamZIP, then follow that with a file to tape job.

I remove the old entry in the file to tape job, then add the new location. It gets the same media pool and I can keep all my old VM’s for a few years.


I don’t need a daily backup for most of these.

It is granular so I can select a single VM instead of entire jobs going to tape. 


Depending on the use, and being organized before hands, having a few Media Pools makes things easy to find. I can right click a tape, view the properties and files and see what VM’s are on the tapes.


I have been asking in the forums for an “ARCHIVE” type feature for either VM’s and/or file to tape for some time. 

Think of it as VeeamZIP to tape for servers.

I’d also want a similar archive for files. Think “VeeamZIP for a specific folder to tape”  


Perhaps one day this will exist. It’s our last step in getting rid of TSM.