Veeam Agent For Linux 🐧 Improvements 🔥

  • 28 January 2021

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I came Back !! Jen had Stolen my Internet :sweat_smile:  



:fire:Recovery ISO Improvements for Linux Agents


•LUKS and LUKS2 support

•AddvancedLVM configurations

•Network manager TUI added (nmtui)

•SSH server auto-start

•Better hardware support -> based on latest Debian LiveISO



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Good to know!


Did you often use agent on Linux in standalone mode or in Veeam B&R?

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we are using the Linux Agent on our physical Linux Hosts. It depends which mode we are using.

On hosts where the backup team controls the backup jobs we are using the VBR server controlled mode. On the hosts the users are controlling when and what is backuped we are uing the standalone mode. This is often the case on development systems...

From the point of view of the backup admins I prefer the server controlled mode :grin:

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Love your meme :D The improvements are significant while comparing to the earlier versions. 

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Thanks @eprieto for the news about v11 linux agents :sunglasses:

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•LUKS and LUKS2 support

•AddvancedLVM configurations


I haven't read anything about agent improvements until now, so thanks. :)

Looking forward to the LUKS support. I had to restore a LUKS encrypted VM at home and noticed that it's not that easy. I hope with the new agent everything will work out of the box.