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In the past I’ve shared some scripts with the community which were related to security stuff. Among my many ideas (I should put down on paper everything that is buzzing around in my head), someone recently asked in our internal Teams Veeam MVP chat the following question: "Can somebody please integrate VONE's Suspicious Backup file size and job duration alarm into VBR?"


Friday Mood

I try to keep every Friday afternoon free for some exciting projects. Most of the projects are related to customer or partner requests that can’t be handled directly with Veeam products. So, last Friday's slogan was "It's Friday again.....". (Who knows the song?)

My approach was to create two scripts. One for manual execution, the other for integration into existing backup jobs with the possibility to display the result in the backup job statistics.


The Result

Please have a look into Brad's post, who was asking for the possibility to identify this in VBR: Linch Tips

Release v1.1 of the script will include the ability to capture unusual backup job durations. Everything new is available in GitHub: YaMT - vbr-job-scanner Script

What’s Next?

But we're not done here yet. Additional scripts will be made available in the coming weeks.

One script will show the much more mature API capabilities of Veeam ONE V12. Another script, similar to "Suspicious Backup file size", will check for a suspiciously high number of backed up files in file share backups. Good news is, that it's ready for release. There's still much more to come....stay tuned.

And don't be afraid! My love for Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 has not gone away. Who remembers this post? Powershell - VBO OneDrive for Business File Restore Checker. I do also have a new idea, which needs to be implemented.

And as always, feedback is welcome. I am already thinking about optimizing the anomaly detection within the script...and we have Monday (again)


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This is truly a brilliant script, Steve!

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Very nice and thanks for sharing this one.

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You are sharing great scripts, thank you 😎👍🏼

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This is truly a brilliant script, Steve!

Thanks for the inspiration, Brad!

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thanks Steve… excellent . you inspired me instantly on making a blogpost on a subject I was hoping never to blog on 🤣


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The commands to add a warning or success message to the job log are great! 👍🏼

Didn't know them up to now. 😎

Very useful for scripts executed with the job.

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Outstanding stuff!!! 😎

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Very very cool..thanks @SteveHeart !

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Hey guys! V1.1 was released this morning with the ability to also scan for an exceptionally long job duration.

Currently, the duration must also be specified as  a % value (1.5 for 50 %) , but I'll listen to your feedback if the specified value should be the maximum duration of a backup job.

And I had the idea of an “Estimation” switch. Why? Here you can see how long the backup has taken in the past.