Veeam One 11 pdf scheduled report - landscape orientation?

  • 23 February 2023

I recently upgraded my Veeam One to version 11 (and yes looking at v12 soon)  and the scheduled PDF reports use to come in landscape but are now showing in portrait mode.   


Basically I want the report data to not be split across 2 different pages.  I vaguely remember I had to change something in V10, but can’t remember if it was a browser setting, registry setting, or something else.

I do not currently have the SQL reporting services installed, but can do so.


And how can this setting stick to version 12?


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Hi @Murphydog2001 

I believe the only way you can do this is by clicking the print button on the top of the report: 


And then selecting landscape as the page orientation:


Let me know if this helps, Thanks!

Hi @kirststoner12,


So, is it not possible to schedule a report with a landscape orientation page?

From what I understand from @Murphydog2001, in v10, it was possible, but in v11, it doesn't work anymore.


Is this a bug, or is that the way it works (Portrait orientation)?



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Hi @luis.sandoval -


From my knowledge, the only way to get the report to show in landscape orientation is to press the print button after the report has been generated. Here is where you can choose between the different orientations. Additionally, you don’t necessarily have to ‘print’ the report but you can save it as a .pdf. 





Thanks @kirststoner12.